Impact Team 2050

Rosatom Director General Mr. Alexey Likhachev introduces the Impact Team 2050 Initiative as a Rosatom-Youth global partnership for transition to the sustainable youth-driven future

Watch the official presentation and launch of the Impact Team 2050 Initaitive @ GIC 2021 60 mins
The time for agents of change has come

The world urges a focused action to find solutions to the present social justice, decent work and climate related challenges that the humanity is facing with. Young people who will inherit the legacy of today's commitments are becoming the driving force of change and innovation to make the future more sustainable.

Their trust and cooperation are important for Rosatom which is a global corporation guided by the sustainable development agenda and striving to reduce inequalities and achieve the SDGs in the areas of environmental protection and social justice.

how impact team 2050 can change it for the better?
We provide the Members of the Impact Team with the tools that have always been missing
ensure that youth is a part of our strategy
foster action
find a promising youth-driven solution and leverage the impact
join! now it’s your moment to drive the action

We are excited to introduce this bold step in our global impact mission. Young people will be directly consulting the Rosatom top management as an advisory committee and become agents of change by searching for youth-led actions around the globe and introducting them to Director General Mr. Alexey Likhachev. Those initaitives will be the core of Rosatom-Youth global partnership.

You will need your expertise, impact story and community to run the entire way successfully. Ultimately 15 young people will become a part of the Impact Team 2050 with an opportunity to open the new chapter in the youth-led impact action.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the impact team

December 1, 2021 to March 1, 2022
Start of Admissions Campaign

March 1 to April 1, 2022
Public Voting: Impact Video Stories

April 1 to May 1, 2022,
Top-40 are requested to prepare a short essay “The Energy of Positive Change: How I can impact the world together with Rosatom?”

May 1 to June 1, 2022
One-on-one interviews with senior experts for impact and human potential

June 15, 2022
15 members of the Impact Team 2050 announced

We are proud to stand by our partners in including youth vision in Rosatom’s global strategy and fostering youth-led actions around the world:

Want to partner on the Global Impact? Let us know!


15 leaders aged 18-30

We are inviting young visionaries, researchers, business and community leaders who are ready to drive the action and join a new ambitious partnership to shape the future together.


Young individuals committed to innovations and scientific approach in driving a day-to-day change to make our world a better place.


They understand the mission of the younger generation and the need to act now to ensure that we and our kids will live in a safe and human-centric environment.


Young individuals who set the trends and shape public opinion and are capable of inspiring others with their ideas.

Impact Story

Shoot a horizontal video on your smartphone or any other device, where you tell a story about your personal contribution/ impact in sustainable global transformation.
Create the style of the video and include your personal address in it.
The language of your video should be English. If you speak another language in your video, please use subtitles.
Video lengths - up to 3 minutes.
Make references if you borrow content.


It should be a 1 page document.
Tell us about your education, work or other relevant experience which will help us better understand your personality.


Join the Impact Team+ Community

Jobby is a place where you can become a part of the Impact Team+ Community now. The innovative and dynamic platform, Jobby will expand your proactive youth global network, provide various career and development opportunities, help you participate in the Impact Team 2050 selection process and get relevant updates.

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